First things first, how did I get here? While going through a struggle with infertility, I discovered that all of our cosmetics aren’t regulated. Basically big companies can put anything in their products & pass them off as healthy & awesome-which is usually a BIG FAT LIE!! So I started making my own lotion bars with my own beeswax from my own bees then branched out into other things like lip balm, soaps, candles etc. Now for my why? My husband & I are adopting a group of siblings from Colombia & the costs for international adoption are pretty high so I turned my hobby into a small business to help offset those costs. That small business has become Scrub Life Essentials. I love that I’ve been able to channel my crafty side by creating all these fun things. Everything is handmade by me without harmful preservatives or chemicals. Please feel free to message me with any questions, suggestions, good, thoughts! ~Nicole

Mountain Lake Reflection