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My name is Nicole and I am the owner/maker/beekeeper behind Scrub Life Essentials. My story starts with my grandpa- the original beekeeper in my family. In his retirement, he was a vegetable farmer. He originally got bees to help pollinate his crops and quickly discovered the benefits of selling honey as well. To my advantage, he had no interest in the beeswax so I had him save it for me. I began brainstorming about what I would do with it...candles maybe? I quickly discovered I had no talent or interest in making candles. Plus, candles used a ton of beeswax and the skin benefits were too good to waste.

At that point, it was just a hobby for me. After my grandfather passed away in 2017, we (my mom, my husband and I) decided we needed to keep beekeeping. In 2020, I officially started Scrub Life Essentials as a hobby business. The name of the business is a play on words for the products I make as well as my full time job as a scrub tech in surgery at our local VA hospital. Up until this year, the profits helped fund our international adoption from Ecuador. In March 2023, we officially brought home three brothers and have been enjoying life as a family of 5!!

Scrub Life Essentials has been a labor of love for me and will continue to help support our family. We continue to keep honeybees and plan on teaching our children all about the highs and lows of this wonderfully rewarding (and necessary) hobby. I have formulated all recipes myself, working and reworking them until perfection. I use natural, local ingredients whenever possible. I love special orders and hearing from customers so please do not hesitate to contact me at scrublifeessentials@gmail.com

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